ASME Programming Workshop

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Listed here are the links to all of the lectures for this workshop.
For homework, you can head over to the Downloads tab to download and setup a coding environment with Eclipse (tutorial for doing so under Programming Tutorials), or use this online compiler.

Arduino Programming Lectures:

Lecture 1: Workshop Information and Programming Basics
Lecture 2: Programming Basics Continued and Flashing LED Project
Lecture 3: Programming Intermediate Topics and Piano Project
Lecture 4: Serial Communication and Timers, Countdown Project
Lecture 5: Random Number Generation and Multidimensional Arrays, LED Dice Project
Lecture 6: String Functions and PWM, Morse Code Translator Project
Lecture 7: Review of Covered Content and Survey

Robot Programming Lectures:

Lecture 1: Controlling a Robot: Hardware and Software
Lecture 2: Using Bluetooth Controllers to Control Motors